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    I have experienced a great many life transitions.  I have changed careers, locations, been financially stable and close to being homeless, I’m a late parent and now empty nester, experienced divorce, unexpected loss, life threatening illness – I’m a sexual assault survivor.

    One of my most formidable transitions happened 20 years ago when I hit a wall – hard – when I fell desperately ill and the medical profession wrote me off as a “woman with the vapors.”  I was feeling scared, isolated and very much afraid I would not live long enough to see my five year old daughter grow up to be the beautiful young woman she promised to become.

    After months of struggle and mounting fear, I was fortunate to find support in a wonderful community of holistic practitioners and coaches who came to my rescue, treating the wholeness of my being, helping me recover from adrenal burnout, gut issues and anxiety attacks.  They taught me that well-ness is not just the absence of ill-ness but an overall sense of balance and integrity.  Just being heard and respected created an atmosphere of healing that allowed me to take the reins for my own health and well-being.  It inspired me to ensure that other women would not have to suffer what I did.


    My life path has led me to where I am now – as a compassionate intuitive

Master Certified Wellness Coach, I am acting in service to women

as you navigate your personal life transitions to live your best life.

Together we can take you where you want to be.

“You don’t get what you wish for.  You get what you work for.”

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